The Choices You Make Today… Affects the Person You Become Tomorrow

Choices, choices, choices. They are all around us. What do we wear? What do we eat? Where do we hang out? They all require choices. There are also more serious choices to make: will you choose to drink and drive? Will you choose to have sex before marriage? Will you choose to lie about your brother?

The choices you make today as a teen or tween will definitely affect the person you will become tomorrow.Many young lives are complicated by the results of choosing to drink and drive and then becoming the victim of a horrible car accident and maybe even the accuser of a horrible crime such as the loss of another person’s life because the accident resulted in a death. Or maybe, that one night of going too far with your boyfriend results in a teen pregnancy. Think about those consequences. Think about how they could affect you tomorrow and in the many days that lie ahead for you in life.

I know that the teenage years often include a time of “rebellion”. Mine did, yours will and it will be important how you choose to handle this time of your life. This next week on my podcast “Mom-Daughter Connection Radio Show & Podcast” I will be giving a personal testimony of my time of rebellion. I encourage you to have a listen. The recording will be available on Monday, October 8.

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    I knew years ago deep in my heart that God was calling me to do something, but what that something was I did not know. During my teen years, I was constantly encouraged by my parents, my youth director and many others in my life to be different from the norm, to not follow the crowd. My dad even spelled my name Alyssa, pronounced A-le-sha, different for the very reason that he wanted me to be different.

    Not only did he want me to be different, but he also wanted me to be independent. He always taught me to stand on my own two feet. These are things that have helped me to become the person I am today.

    Through the events that I felt led to create, I hope to teach girls how they too can be different, "set apart" and truly beautiful in the eyes of God and others for being who they really are. It is my hope and prayer that I can be a part of your ministry or organization and touch your life in some way!

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